Great Northern Tunnel Tours

Of course, the fabled scrawlings of Eddie Storm 1983 would not be so well known by so many people were it not for Manchester’s Great Northern Tunnel Tours, which take visitors to the ruined tuck shop on whose walls our hero’s graffiti is daubed. Here, we take a closer look at the popular attraction.

Every Great Northern Tunnel Tour starts at the pebble sculpture outside Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall, from where guests are guided along the path of the old Manchester and Salford Junction Canal, underneath the main road and into the car park beneath Manchester Central Convention Complex.

From there, the tour heads out onto the road outside Manchester 235 Casino, before the party is taken through an inconspicuous-looking doorway and down several flights of metal stairs into the depths of the tunnel system.

Great Northern Tunnel Tours: underground Manchester

It is at the bottom of those stairs that the Great Northern Tunnel Tours get really interesting, as guests find themselves deep underground right in the heart of Castlefield. Attendees congregate in a large vaulted ‘room’ which, although once a fully operational canal, was converted during the war to become a structurally reinforced air raid shelter for the poorer residents of Hulme and Cheetham Hill.

We won’t spoil too many more of the surprises, but visitors can expect to see the air raid shelters as they existed during the war, as well as the remains of the Roman Camp Road, along whose path the canal was built as the Industrial Revolution took hold of Manchester.

It is towards the end of the tour that guests will see the famous Eddie Storm 1983 graffiti, scrawled in large, blood red letters on the walls of a tuck shop, which once sold wartime civilians the popular goods of the day such as liquorice, chewing salt and pheasants.

Who Eddie Storm 1983 was is not known, nor is the reason behind his tagging those historic walls. Through this blog we hope to uncover the truth behind this legend of the Great Northern Tunnel Tours (read more about Eddie Storm 1983).

Manchester Confidential runs plenty of Great Northern Tunnel Tours throughout the year, each giving their own opportunity to glimpse the graffiti that inspired this website. They cost around a tenner and last 90 minutes or so on a good day. Hit the ManCon website to find out more.

Read more Great Northern Tunnel Tour history.


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